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Updated June 22nd, 2014

Minor League Hoops is a blog dedicated exclusively to D-League, International basketball, the NBA Draft and prospect coverage. The goal of Minor League Hoops is to give fans analysis and coverage of basketball that goes outside the major NBA and College basketball landscape.


The content of Minor League Hoops covers (but is not limited to) the following:

  • D-League team and player analysis
  • International club and player analysis (such as the Euroleague, BSN, ACB, etc.)
  • FIBA International competition and player analysis (such as the FIBA Men's World Championship and Youth Championships)
  • NBA Draft team and player coverage and analysis
  • General High School and College basketball recruiting
  • Coaching strategy and coverage from the D-League to International club and FIBA international competition

About the author

Kevin O'Brien has covered basketball since college, starting with his days working for the Gonzaga Bulletin, Gonzaga University's student newspaper.  Kevin appreciates basketball at all levels and uses this blog as a way for him to analyze, understand and share his thoughts about what goes on in the basketball universe beyond the NBA and Major College basketball. His posts are a combination of utilizing scouting techniques he has learned from his experience playing/coaching and advanced statistical analysis garnered from resources such as the D-League stats page, Ken Pomeroy's site, and other international resources (for International ball).

When he is not studying up about D-League prospects, the latest updates from the Euroleague or following FIBA international competition, he is teaching and coaching (usually basketball) at a Catholic elementary school in Kansas City. He is also finishing up his master's degree in education at Rockhurst University, and he also enjoys lower division basketball as well (he spent most of his Spring Break at the NAIA Men's Tournament at Memorial auditorium).

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